Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comment on Michael Hyatt's Blog

I frequently read Mike Hyatt's blog and I sometimes post comments there, but his comment form leaves much to be desired. Sometimes it just won't work for me. Today, is one of those days. Today's post was about a video that Jason Fried did on where we're the most productive. After taking the time to write a response to Mike's post, I hate to see it go to waste, so I'm posting it below:

Jason Fried is well spoken and gets plenty of laughs by saying things that plenty of people are thinking, but I think it is a mistake to assume that "work" is what we do when we are off by ourselves. I suppose it says something about our society in which the individual is valued more than the group. One of the things that I have found is that my most productive time is when someone interrupts me and asks me how they should be doing something. Yeah, I may have to put aside something that I was doing, but when I get back to my desk, the person I helped is off being productive. So now, instead of just me being productive, the two of us are twice as productive because the other person isn't sitting there spinning his wheels while I'm "working." I've also noticed that the people who work from home or work odd hours cause their co-workers to spend a lot of time looking for them. Because they aren't around to answer questions that need to be answered, they are causing multiple people to be unproductive. That time alone may be the most productive time for an individual, but it is deadly to the team.

And I might as well add, trying to use a comment form that refuses to work is not an example of being productive.


Michael Hyatt said...

What browser were you using? Just curious because I got more than 110 comments. This is the only issue I have seen reported. Thanks.

Timothy Fish said...

Michael Hyatt,

I was using Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP. I suspect the issue I ran into has more to do with the protections implemented for the machine I was using than it has to do with your blog or Internet Explorer. But at the same time, your blog must be doing something that the system I was using thought was dangerous.