Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let's Mean It

A song writer did a video to explain a song he had written. It was a product of him losing a friend to death. In the video he was talking as he looked through a notebook he used to write lyrics and he said that after seven years it was still hard to look at what he had written there. He teared up as he spoke and it was easy to see that these tears weren’t fake. It got me to thinking about art in general. He is a singer/songwriter, but there is carry over in all forms of art. The thing I thought about was that as artists, whether we be songwriters, or novelists or painters, our art should be a product of our strongest emotions.

There are times when we’re just writing to be writing, maybe to pay the bills or to communicate, but our best writing comes from strong emotion. We should feel so strongly about the subject that we take it personal when someone disagrees with us. When someone asks us about it, we should be able to talk for several minutes, if not hours about the subject.


Cindy said...

This post makes me think about the last story I wrote compared to the ones prior. I mentioned on my blog recently about feeling different about this manuscript than the others and I think it's because of the kind of emotion I put into it and the whole purpose of writing the story in the first place.

Thanks for making me think more on this!

Timothy Fish said...

Glad I could help.