Thursday, March 18, 2010

E is For Erotic?

I’ve paid very little attention to EPIC, but I saw that Brandilyn Collins was bragging on her friend Stuart Vaughn Stockton winning an award from them. I followed the link to their list of winners and what I saw was shocking. Out of twenty-nine books that won awards for writing, ten of them included the word erotic or erotica in the category title. It made me wonder if EPIC, which claims to support electronic publishing, believes the “e” in eBook is for erotic. 10 out of 29—that is more than a third of the categories. I thought one category was very fitting. The winner of the category Erotica—Sinful.

I’ve never been real big on awards anyway. I figure organizations give awards primarily as a means to raise awareness of the organization. In this case, I didn’t see any names I recognized, which makes me question the creditability of the organization even more, but what particularly bothers me is that eBooks may become known as a haven for people who are out to peddle their pornographic wares. We have seen an increase in the popularity of eBooks recently. I would hate to think how much of that is driving by people who are looking for access to the pornographic material they find in erotica.

Pornography is a home wrecker and erotica is no exception. It is addictive. It encourages men to put unrealistic expectations on their wives and wives to put unrealistic expectations on their husbands. There is a desire for an increased level of stimulation and when their senses are deadened to what they find in erotica and to what their spouse can provide, they turn to other things and other people, hoping it will bring the excitement they once found through what they read. But spouses are jealous people and rightfully so. They quickly feel neglected and a rift is created in the home. For that reason, we should have nothing to do with it or the people who support it.

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