Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Priorities of Life

As things go in this online community, the death of Michael Jackson led to Michael Hyatt writing a post about that, with a link back to a post about Creating a Life Plan. I used to have a life plan, but I got off of it when I didn’t get married by the time I was twenty-four. That used to bother me—a lot. Now, ten years later, I don’t even remember that I’m not married most of the time. I find it much easier to say, “Whatever you will, Lord.” It isn’t that I have a problem with people making a life plan, but I would have missed out on some really good things if I had stuck to my plans.

Mike also suggests identifying key accounts, ordered by priority. I’ll show you my list and then we’ll talk about it:

  1. God

  2. Family, Church and Friends

  3. Self

  4. Ministry

  5. Finances

  6. Career

  7. Hobbies (including writing)

God must come first. If he doesn’t, I’m in sad shape. For the second item, I included all three because I have a real hard time keeping my family, my church and my friends separate. They all seem like family to me. I stuck them above self because I would rather my own health suffer than to see these people hurting. I would give them the shirt off my back. Fortunately, most of them feel the same about me, or I would be going shirtless. Ministry goes below me and that lines up with what the Bible says when it tells us not to be weary in well doing. A lot of my income flows out into ministry and when it is necessary I don’t have a problem with reducing my savings significantly for the sake of ministry, so finances come below it, though I believe that attitude has actually helped my finances instead of hurting it. I don’t do anything halfheartedly and I pour myself into my career as well. I enjoy my career, most of the time, but I see it primarily as an enabler that gives me the freedom to do the more important things and some of the less important things as well. Lastly, there are my hobbies and I have several, not the least of which is my writing. Of course, writing is also a major part of my ministry, which I mentioned above.

I can see that my list is much different than Mike’s. So, what about yours? How is yours different?

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