Sunday, March 22, 2009

Review of The Race by Rick Lemons

The Race: From Pit Row to Victory Lane by Rick Lemons is about how we can achieve victory in this spiritual race that every Christian is in. Throughout the book, Rick uses analogies from NASCAR races to illustrate his points. If you are a NASCAR enthusiast, you will recognize some of the names and races he mentions, but don’t let that scare you away if you aren’t. He writes in a very approachable manner and spends much more time on, shall we say, the important stuff than the NASCAR analogies.

To give some examples, Rick compares the Word of God to the fuel a car needs for a race. Without it, we aren’t going anywhere. He compares an accountability partner to a driver’s spotter. Sure, we could race without one, but we’ll have some trouble with the blind spots. He compares prayer to talking to the Crew Chief. In each chapter, he shows us why these things are important by going to the Word of God and telling us what God has to say about it.

In the past few years, I have spent time with authors and publishing industry types. We’re all pushing our books and looking for people to review them. It’s rare that I find a book that I feel as comfortable reviewing as I do this book. And I don’t watch NASCAR very much. There have been several books that I wanted to be good, but when I read them I was disappointed. Not so with this book. This is a downright good book and I highly recommend it to anyone, but especially for those men (or women) out there who are NASCAR fans.

While the book itself is not specifically designed for this purpose, Rick has included a study guide on his website at that will allow readers to use it for a men’s Bible study. You may want to consider using this book in that way.

Overall, I am impressed with this book. If you are looking for a book that will give you a better understanding of what the Bible has to say about achieving victory in our Christian race, this book is an excellent resource.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Timothy,

Where did you find this book? I'm curious as I work with Rick on publicity.

Thanks for your review!