Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Favorite Posts

This is a bonas post, if you will. I'll follow the lead of others such as Michael Hyatt and post links to some of my more popular posts. I don't track statistics for the whole year, so this is based more on a random sample. The following are my most popular blog posts:

  1. How to Describe Beauty
  2. An Example Book Outline
  3. Protagonist/Antagonist
  4. "To Be" Verbs -- To Use or Not To Use
  5. A Sample Synopsis
  6. Show, Don't Tell - Confusion in Action
  7. Should Christians Support Prayer in Public Schools?
  8. How to Impress God
  9. The Faithful Sidekick

If I took the figures for the whole year, #4 would probably be at the top, but its popularity was earlier in 2008.

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