Monday, September 29, 2008

Review: Desire and Deceit

Some books you read to learn something. Some books you read for enjoyment. Some books you read because you think you should. For me, Desire and Deceit fell into that last category and after reading it, I think it should for everyone. It is not a fun book to read and I knew it wouldn't be when I bought it, but Albert Mohler does an excellent job of covering a very sobering subject, the subject of how the change in how people view sex is causing problems that will not be easy to solve.

In Chapter 14, he brought out something that I had never really considered. I had never considered that lesbians might hold such contempt for men that a lesbian couple would be ostrisized for raising a son or that the mother of the child might fear her female sexual partner would move out because the house was no longer female only. Ironically, it is statistically more likely that a lesbian will have a son.

As I said, it is not an easy topic, but Albert Mohler address the topic well. He brings out how we should view the issue of homosexuality as well as other forms of sexual sin and talks about how we are to desire to win these people to the Lord. The book is short enough that it is easily readable in three or four hours, but it is full of information that everyone should read.

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