Friday, May 10, 2019

Art of Illusion Examples

For each of the first ten chapters of Extending Art of Illusion I have created a video that demonstrates some aspect of it. One of the things I found when writing the book was that it is difficult to demonstrate animation on the printed page. In chapter 7 I give code for a tracker object that will rotate an object or objects so that the object is always pointing at one of the other scene objects, no matter where it is located in the scene. In the book I tried to show this with a sequence of still images taken from the animation. But in the video I have been able to show the video of a head with eyes that follow an object as it moves around the scene. Not only that, but it is possible to show that these changes are occurring even as the scene is being edited.

Below is the list of videos:

Chapter 1: Use a Script to Add a Cube to Art of Illusion
Chapter 2: Storing and Loading
Chapter 3: Position Objects on Floor
Chapter 4: Point at Objects
Chapter 5: Resting One Object on Another
Chapter 6: Adding Custom Objects
Chapter 7: Tracking Movement
Chapter 8: Procedural Modules
Chapter 9: The Room
Chapter 10: Modeling Cloth in Art of Illusion