Monday, June 18, 2012

Moreover it is required...

Have you ever told someone you would do something, but you didn’t do it? I imagine we all have at some point. We aren’t perfect. But have you stopped to think about how that person must have felt? Suppose it happened like this: The teacher of an adult Sunday school class calls a student in the class and says, “I need someone to pick up some booklets a printer is printing for us. Would you do it?” The student says yes, but then gets busy doing other things and doesn’t make it to the printer to pick up the order. The teacher gets to class on Sunday, expecting the student to bring the booklets, but they aren’t there. His plans for the lesson are shot.

Moreover it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful.

I remember seeing a statement to the affect that a leader must first know how to follow. We see so many people writing about how to lead people these days. They talk about “casting a vision” and lots of other things. But if there’s one thing that is more important than all the rest, a man must be found faithful. He must do what he says he will do. People will follow a man they know they can trust. But you don’t build trust by what you say as a leader. You build trust by how faithfully you carry out tasks for others.