Tuesday, March 13, 2012

God or Nature

While watching a television show I hear someone say that because a particular species had evolved a certain way, it provide a certain resource for people trying to survive in the wilderness. The person on the show went on to say that Mother Nature provides many of the things we need, if we would just learn to look for them. But rather than thinking so highly of Mother Nature, I thought about what the Bible says about God feeding the birds. We know that the birds go out and find the food they eat, but God says he provides it.

I began to think about a difference in perspective. One person looks at all that is in nature and is fascinated by how much is available, if we just would open our eyes. But another person looks at it and says, “look at all God has provided.” In a sense, both are correct. If we find water in the desert, it took a long time flowing through the rocks for us to find on the day we need it. Or we could simply say that God knew we needed it and he provided.

Though both correct, how different those two perspectives are. The person looking for nature to provide has no assurance. Nature is thoughtless. If water is there, or if it isn’t, that’s just the way nature is. Nature is like a machine that cares nothing for us. But if we see God as being the one who provides, it is very different. We find water in the desert because he knew we needed water. If we are having trouble finding water, we can seek his guidance. And most importantly, we can be sure that we will not die until he is ready for us to die.