Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Are Christians Thinking?

I’m shocked sometimes by how lax Christians are concerning right and wrong these days. Now I realize that the Bible doesn’t out and out prohibit the consumption of alcohol, but the other day I was listening to a young man that I believe to be a Christian who was talking about plans for his brother’s bachelor party. He mentioned one idea which is what is called a “Grand Slam.” You know, of course, that a Grand Slam is a menu item at Denny’s, but this Grand Slam was quite different. The idea is that you go from bar to bar and eventually end up at Denny’s where you eat a Grand Slam, but you aren’t supposed to remember any of the bars you went to.

I wasn’t in the conversation, but as I listened from some distance away, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would consider that fun. What’s the point if you’re so wasted that you don’t remember what you did? Not only that, but consuming that much alcohol is dangerous.

Whatever your thoughts on Christians drinking alcohol, the Bible makes it very clear that a Christian should never be drunk. We are to be sober. We are to try to be an example of righteousness. Sure, we fail in our example, but drinking makes success impossible.

We talk about the world getting into the church, but I don’t think people really get what we mean. This is an example of that. When Christians turn to drunkenness as a means of entertainment—even though they will never remember whether it was fun or not—the world has gotten into the church. It’s time for us to turn this ship around and get headed back where God wants us to be.