Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why Lions Seem More Important Than Babies

Why are we more concerned about the death of a lion named Cecil than we are about seeing a human child separated into parts in a pie plate? Matt Walsh suggests that it is because we’ve built up a reservoir of outrage and someone gets the brunt of it. But why a lion instead of a baby?

It starts to make more sense when we see the murderous spirit that runs through both. This isn’t a case where people want to murder children, but they don’t want to murder a lion. This is a case where people want to murder children and they want to murder a lion hunter. Their thought is a fetus gets in the way of a woman’s happiness, so destroy the fetus. Their thought is also a lion hunter kills one country’s national pet, so kill the lion hunter. But along with the people who have that murderous spirit, you also have people who have a love for life. The lion hunter did something he shouldn’t and the lion is one of God’s creatures, so the people who love life end up siding with those with a murderous spirit in the situation with Cecil the lion, but when it comes to Another Boy, whose parts are being sorted in a pie pan, those who love life are on the opposite side of the issue from those with a murderous spirit.

But that’s not the whole story. Maybe we aren’t calling for the lion hunter to be killed with a dentist drill. Maybe we aren’t separating and selling body parts or defending those who do. But what about our attitude toward the abortion providers? As the various videos showing the activities at Planned Parenthood have been released, I’ve seen a few comments along the lines of tearing the abortion providers apart and seeing how they like it. People want to think that is righteous indignation, since they are defending the innocent, but is it, or is it that same murderous spirit that calls for the death of the lion hunter and the death of the unborn?

It is something we should consider carefully. It is something we should repent of, if we see it in ourselves. The Bible says that murderers don’t have eternal life (1 John 3:15), so if we feel hatred toward abortion providers, or Democrats, or Republicans, or whoever, we ought to consider carefully whether we are saved or not. Jesus is still saving sinners, so it isn’t too late…yet. But we do need to make sure that we’ve accepted Christ before it is too late.