Friday, February 18, 2011

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Mother Not Wanted
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 Mother Not Wanted - When a granddaughter, that Fox Jacobs never knew he had, shows up unexpectedly, she brings hope to a family still reeling from a fatal accident. But Fox could do without the woman who is with her. Amber Mills is a con artist by her own admission and a woman who has her sights set on Fox’s son. Fox must determine if Amber is telling the truth about the girl, and must protect his family from the threat that Amber poses. With the help of the woman Fox sees as a more suitable match for his son, Fox sends Amber away, but the celebration is short lived. Fox soon discovers that Amber is much closer than he thought. As he continues to look for ways to protect his family from this con artist, Fox discovers that there is a bigger danger lurking that may turn his family against him and lead them into financial ruin.

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