Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Don't Let Us Mess It Up

Keep us from messing up.” Those weren’t his exact words, but that was certainly the intent of our interim pastor’s prayer last night at the Pastor Search Committee meeting last night. Of all the committees I’ve served on, of all the positions I filled, serving on this committee is the one that makes me the most nervous. We have an amazing church. It is filled with great people who serve the Lord with gladness. I have great respect for the leaders within our church, both those who are serving on the committee and those who are not. Our church had a very deep pool of qualified individuals to pull from when they selected the committee. But if we were to select the wrong man as pastor, it could mess up all the good things that our church has going for it.

It was good to hear that reminder last night. I’m not wrong in feeling nervous about my ability to select the right man for the job. Though I have great respect for the others on the committee, I’m not wrong in feeling nervous about their ability in that selection. Though I believe they are among the most faithful and scripturally sound leaders our church has to offer, we are just human. But God knows who the right person is to be our pastor for the coming years. More and more, I find myself praying, “Lord, don’t let us mess it up.”