Friday, June 10, 2011

Counter the Homosexual Attack

Megan Basham recently wrote an article about "gay marriage" supporters targeting employers and employees. As I read the article and saw how gay activists are expressing their dislike for the decisions that some organizations are making and it is resulting in change in their favor I began to think, “Isn’t that what Christians have been doing for years?”

Over the years, there have been many boycotts by Christians because of something a companies are doing. I was a kid when there was a boycott on Walden Books because they were selling pornography. It wasn’t that long ago that there was a boycott on Wal-mart for supporting homosexuality. Target was boycotted because they wouldn’t let the Salvation Army bell ringers stand in front of their buildings. And then there was all this stuff about Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays.

That fact is, we may not like what the gays stand for and we may not understand why a group that represents less than two percent of the population can wield so much power, considering that Christians account for many times the amount of money gays bring to businesses with the exception of the immoral businesses, but we shouldn’t be surprised when the opposing side uses the same tactics that we’ve been using. This is a spiritual war and as the saying goes, “all it fair in love and war.”

That being said, the article makes the point that what is different in what the homosexuals are doing from interest group boycotts of the past is that the homosexuals are targeting people who make donations to support some family friendly proposition that is going before the voters. Give $1,000 to support a family friendly election campaign and that is all the reason the homosexuals need to try to get you fired. Here again, I may not like it, but I don’t see that we can draw that line and say that it is very much different. All that’s really different is where the homosexuals are getting their information.

The homosexuals are wrong to target these people and they will have to answer to God for what they are doing, but if we look at it as two equal sides in a disagreement, I don’t think we can say what they are doing is much different than what Christians are doing. The homosexuals and the Christians are facing off with some business caught in the middle. Most businesses would like to stay out of that possible because they’re really more interested in selling their wares than taking a stand on the issue of sodomy, but they’re caught in it anyway. Some of these businesses will end up falling on one side or the other. As Christians, I don’t think we should be surprise because the homosexuals are attacking people who support families any more than we should be surprised that the Palestinians attack Israel. What we should be doing instead is finding ways to encourage those businesses and employees who are under attack from the homosexuals to tell the homosexuals to go take a hike. Attacks like this only work if the business has reason to fear a financial loss if they hire people who oppose homosexuality. We need to show them that their greatest success will come from ignoring the demands of the homosexuals.