Saturday, April 18, 2009

Review: The Principle of the Path


Andy Stanley’s The Principle of the Path is about how the choices we make and our actions, not our intentions, determine where we end. We are all on a path, he says, even if we have chosen an unconventional path. The path we are on will determine where we will end up. For us to reach the best destinations, we must choose the best paths. Andy Stanley has much to say about how to do that.

Prior to this, my experience with Andy Stanley was a tape of one of his sermons that I listened to one morning on the hour long trip from home to college. That was several years ago. O, I did meet one of his church members while I was in Alpharetta last year. What I remember from his sermon was his entertaining style, so when I saw that Thomas Nelson was offering his book through their review program, I was certain it would be good. I was not disappointed.

Andy Stanley mixes an entertaining writing style with substance. The Principle of the Path is a book that all of us can use. At times, Andy states the obvious, things we ought to know, but the reader is forced to wonder why we aren’t doing it if it is so obvious. Andy tells us in the pages of his book. If you are looking for success of any kind, whether it is success in business, success in marriage, success in financial freedom or whatever, this book can help point you in the right direction and get you started on a better path.