Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Book Where I Least Expected It

I received a shock the other day. I did a search on for books I had written and I found this book among the results. D. F. Magruder wrote this book and I published it, but I didn’t assign it an ISBN and I offered it at cost on Lulu. Now, with no input from me, they are offering it for sale on I’m not opposed to that. I had been thinking about assigning it an ISBN so that I could list it on Even though D. F. Magruder made every effort to get accurate information from the churches, I’ve heard rumors that one church thinks something is inaccurate about their church, so I was hoping to resolve any issues like that and release a second edition of the book rather than reprinting the first edition. But this will work too.

What this tells me is that for you guys looking for a self-publishing company, Lulu is trying to be a more viable option than they were before. Even with books like this one, which doesn’t have an ISBN assigned, they are attempting to make them available to a broad audience. I don’t think that means that D. F. Magruder’s book will suddenly start selling like hot cakes. We’ve already sold as many copies as I expected it to sell. But I do think Lulu’s efforts will help some of their authors. However, if you have a book on Lulu that you don't want sold on, you might want to go check your account settings.