Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mostly Done

I have my Christmas shopping nearly done. That is unless I change my mind about what I want to give certain people. There is no such thing as a perfect gift, but one day there will be. One day we will stand before Jesus and see him in all his glory. Perhaps we will ask him what gift we can give him to show our appreciation for all he has done for us. Surely, there can be no gift that we can give him that will show that. Then he will hand us our crowns as a reward for the service we have rendered to him. As we look at these crowns, more beautiful than any crown we have seen on earth, we will remember that we do not deserve these crowns. It is not our own efforts that have accomplished great things for God, but God working through us that has accomplished great things. Then we will take our crowns and we will cast them at the feet of Jesus, the one who has enabled us to accomplish great and wonderful things. It is Jesus who deserves the reward. Just imagine how large that pile of crowns will be. It will be the perfect gift for Jesus, not because of the beauty of the crown, though that will be great, but because it is the perfect act of worship for us to refuse to accept credit for the great things that we have accomplished in our lives and to give all credit to Jesus who has made it possible.