Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Feel Sorry For the People in Heaven

I feel sorry for the people in heaven. It’s not because I think heaven’s a bad place or because they’re separated from their loved ones who are still here. But as I was eating a plum the other day (one of the best I’ve ever had), I got to thinking about the tree of life and how it has fruit for every month. And I got to thinking about how good that fruit must taste and how that no matter how good fruit may taste here, it will be better in heaven. And then I thought about how the people in heaven are already there beneath the shade of that beautiful tree. I thought to myself, “they must be enjoying that fruit.” But then I realized, that can’t be the case; they don’t have their bodies yet.

So I feel sorry for the people in heaven. There they are, beneath the oldest tree in the Universe, the granddaddy of them all, the tree that other trees can only imitate, and they can’t eat the fruit. Not being there to know what it’s like, that seems cruel to me. So I feel sorry for the people in heaven. They’ve got to wait until we get there before they can taste that fruit.