Wednesday, January 8, 2014


You don’t realize how much people learn from actions until you hear them talk about it. As Hindu friend of mine told me about something he had watched on television concerning Christmas. When he had watched it in the past, a man had held “the baby Jesus” in a basket and shown him to the people. This year, the man held the baby in his arms.

My friend asked, “ why would he do that? He is a god, he shouldn’t be touched by humans.”

Who would’ve thought that a basket would have such theological importance? But my friend is right. Jesus is God and from that standpoint, we humans shouldn’t touch him. That’s what amazed John when he wrote his epistle. God, the creator of the world, took on human flesh and dwelt among us. John had touched him, perhaps not fully understanding the significance of that when he did, but he touched him. The whole point of Jesus coming in human form was to restore fellowship between God and man. He took a form that made it possible for people to touch him.

I don’t know why one man would carry the baby around in a basket and another would carry the baby in his hands. I do know that the basket portrayed the wrong idea.