Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Important Stuff

Pop quiz:

Who was named best actor last year?

Which coach won the Super Bowl two years ago?

Who wrote the best selling novel five years ago?

What is the name of your favorite teacher from high school?

What is the name of your favorite author?

What is the name of the person who led you to the Lord?

Don’t bother giving me your answers. I asked the questions to make a point. So many of the things that we think are so important are so easily forgotten, but there are other things that we never forget. Recently, Rachelle Gardner wrote about making writing a lifestyle. The argument seems to be that if we expect to be successful at writing then we’re going to have to take this thing seriously. We might have to make some sacrifices that take us away from our families and out other obligations. What no one has been able to show me is that doing that is worth it.

The saying goes that the wish of a dying man is never I wish I had spent more time at the office. I think you will find that dying authors never say I wish I had taken writing more seriously. It may be that I will appear on a best seller list some day, but even at the peak of my career, most people won’t remember me as well as they remember their favorite high school teacher. There are much more important thing than our appearance on a best seller list.

The important things are all about relationships. Your high school teacher may not have been a great writer, but she took the time to develop a relationship with you. Your favorite author may not know you personally, but there’s a connection there that you don’t have with most authors. And though the person who led you to the Lord may not remember having done so, you won’t forget him. As desirable as being a best selling author may seem, if you want to be remembered, get personal with people.

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing writing with dedication, but don’t do so by forgetting the important stuff. Build those relationships. Do the work that the Lord asks us to do. Get involved with life. Then use your spare time to pen a few words. Do that an you’ll accomplish so much more than those who pursue writing and forget the rest.