Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Death of an Angel

They say that they aren't supposed to die. They say that they live forever in the presence of God. Mine died. I plugged her in and nothing happened. I fiddled with the switches and nothing happen. My Christmas angel is dead. To morn her death, I have decided not to use the lights on my Christmas tree this year. Actually, it has nothing to do with her death at all. Two or three strands of lights are out on my tree. One strand has a bulb that will burn out the instant one is put in to replace it. It is time to replace the lights on my tree, all 1650 of them on the nine foot giant. I am not certain that I am ready to go out and buy 33 stings of lights and I really don’t like putting light on the tree. When I replace the lights, I may uses colored lights or go with some other option, but for now, the tree and the angel are dead. It will be different next year, but didn’t I say that last year?