Monday, July 2, 2012

If It's Fun, What's So Wrong With It?

Recently, I read an article by Tony Reinke that compared homosexuality to idolatry and made the argument that it leads to unhappiness. I don’t want to dwell on the issue of homosexuality alone, but broaden the discussion to all sin. So often, the basis for immorality is that it makes people happy. Two teenagers go out on a date and end up in bed together, but they enjoyed it, so what’s wrong with that? It is a childish argument. We’ve often heard children say to their parents, “you just don’t want me to have any fun.” And on the basis that immoral activity is fun (which is usually is when we’re doing it), it seems that morality is not fun. So we end up arguing for moral action on the basis that it is what God commands. It becomes a legalistic argument and we are trying to make it to people who have no concern for what God’s law says.

What are we doing?! Have we forgotten the songs we learned growing up? “There is joy in serving Jesus!” “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart!” I don’t remember thinking as I sang those words that they weren’t true. Even now, I’m reminded of how true they are. My greatest pleasure in life is in serving Jesus.

Let me give you an example. I am an assistant teacher for an adult Sunday school class. The primary teacher sings in a southern gospel quartet. He usually knows when he’ll be singing at another church weeks ahead of time. But sometimes he has things come up. I’ve had him call late on Saturday or even on Sunday morning, “I can’t be there. Can you teach the class?” Insufficient preparation time or not, I’m happy to teach the class.

Look at a sin like gluttony. Which is more enjoyable, to be overweight with health problems or to be fit and unafraid to look in the mirror? Sure, it is fun to eat that second slice of cake at the time, but it isn’t fun later. Look at adultery. Having a relationship with someone you shouldn’t seems exciting, but you won’t enjoy the conversation with your spouse and children when they discover what you’ve done. I love seeing these couples who have been together for sixty years and are still enjoying each other’s company. They don’t need the excitement adultery brings because they have something far better.

Sin is fun for a short time, but morality leads to greater happiness.