Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A World With No Adults

I read the other day that there is an elongated youth. It used to be that soon after high school, people began to be responsible productive members of society. They got jobs. They got homes. They married. They had children. But today, many people are waiting to do those things. And worse, I think, is that so many people don’t see themselves as being responsible. A woman in her forties got onto me the other day for calling her “Ma’am.” And many women don’t like to be addressed as “Mrs.”, saying that that is their mother-in-law’s name.

I think it’s all sad. Even though I expect my parents have many good years left, I can see that they have reached age where they have begun to move away from the active involvement they once had. If the younger generations are not willing to take on the responsibility of adulthood, we will have a society of children and no progress will be made.