Friday, September 9, 2011

Where Are The Educated Women?

I keep hearing that women are more educated than men these days. From what I hear, colleges have more women than men. I have no reason to doubt that, since the numbers don’t lie, but then I saw an interesting picture. It was of some Engineering interns at a particular company. In this picture, there were fifteen young men, but only two young women, who had worked for the company during the summer months. Now before you start talking about sex discrimination, let me say that from what I know of the company, that isn’t likely. The only reason I can think of why there weren’t more women in that picture is because there were so few qualified women who applied.
So here’s the thing: though there are more women than men attending college, when you look only at the hard jobs, it appears that men still outnumber the women by a substantial number. In other words, while there are a substantial number of men who don’t act like men, it is still men who are accepting the great challenges of life. That’s not to say that women couldn’t do those jobs if they put in the effort, but there is something about how women are made that most of them avoid the challenging tasks while men are made in such a way that they crave the challenge.
The ratio of women to men on college campuses is probably a meaningless statistic. All degrees are not created equal. Look at the more difficult fields of study.