Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Than I Really Wanted to Know

Pornography is a problem. And it’s not just men. I won’t bother to repeat the statistics because on a personal level you either have a problem with it or you don’t. The reason I bring it up on this blog is because due to the title of one of my books, the Google Alert I’ve set up for it generates a number of results linking to web pages where people are looking for specific kinds of pornography. I’m sure they sit in the privacy of their own home or maybe even at work and think that no one knows what they’re doing. Of course, God knows, but even if that doesn’t bother them, there’s really nothing you can do online that someone else can’t see.

I don’t figure those people who are online looking for pictures and videos of mothers doing strange things to their children are finding evidence of my book like I’m seeing evidence of their search, but it got me thinking. There are people who think they should write books to reach the sinner. Some of these people write books with bad language and sexually explicit scenes, claiming that they have to appeal to the sinner. My personal opinion is that these writers need to remove the beam from their own eye, but if they’re serious about reaching out to the lost with their writing, maybe it’s just the title they need to change. Give the book a title that would fall within the search parameters of someone with a porn addition, such as Brother with Sister, and they’ll be sure to find it.

You recognize that is a bait and switch tactic. I’m sure it would sell a few books. Maybe it would sell many books, but the reviews would be terrible and I doubt it would reach any of the lost. They would be offended by the content of the book being different than they expected and rather than seeing their own need for repentance they would see us as needing to repent.