Thursday, May 27, 2010


Disappointment comes from anticipating things that don’t happen. Events begin to take place and we anticipate what will happen next. A friend calls up, for example, saying that he’s going to be in town for a few days and would like to get together for a few hours. We look forward to that time, thinking about what we’ll do and the fun we’ll have. Then the day comes and we’re ready to go meet him, but we receive a phone call, “Sorry, I can’t make it, but something came up.” It hurts us when things like this happen.

Things are rarely the way we imagine they will be. Sometimes they are worse, sometimes they are better, but if we aren’t careful disappointment will cloud our judgment of which is which. Because we are so disappointed that we didn’t get what we wanted, we fail to see that what we got is actually better. For the Christian who trusts in the Lord, we can have confidence that though disappointment may come all things will work out for our good.

There are things that we want so much. When we don’t get them we question whether they are things we should be wanting. Maybe we would be better off without them. Maybe they aren’t what we think they are. Maybe…the thing is that we just don’t know. We have to trust the Lord to point us in the right direction and let us know what is right. For all I know, what we want may be something that we wouldn’t want after we got it. It’s hard to know.