Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back at School

I write this from rainy Zalma, Missouri, having returned from a high school volleyball game. Zalma beat Marquand three games to none. Zalma’s volleyball team has been doing fairly well this year. If this game was any indication, Marquand hasn’t been doing very well. It wasn’t much of a game to watch. But I got to see some people I haven’t seen in several years. I saw some of my old teachers and some of the people who were around when I was in school. The old gym looked a lot like it did when I was there. They’ve made a few changes, but mostly it was the same.

It’s odd going back to school. I spent thirteen years of my life there and it all seemed so important. These days, it doesn’t seem important at all. There are other students who are there now. They’re walking the same halls I walked and sitting in the same classrooms. They are the ones worried about their test grades. I’m glad I’m not there.