Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Don't Be Thicke

Some people are asking why Robin Thicke isn’t taking the heat that Miley Cyrus is for their raunchy performance at the VMA show. And quite right—he should be taking heat for the performance and not just from his mother, who has been quoted as saying, “I can’t unsee it.” That fact is, you don’t put on a show like that without a lot of planning and practice. Based on her comments, it appears that Robin Thicke’s wife was forewarned about the raunchiness of the performance. In a nutshell, Robin Thicke is every bit as responsible for the performance as Miley Cyrus is.

One comment I saw online summed it up for me, “I don’t know who Robin Thicke is.” The reason Robin Thicke isn’t getting hammered in the media is because he hasn’t alienated his fans (other than his mother). Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, has turned her back on the fans she gained from Hannah Montana and those fans are mourning that loss. So many people thought they knew her. She was that kid who found plenty of ways to make mistakes, but she always did the right thing by the end of the episode. And her father was there to support her in doing the right thing. But who is Robin Thicke? I don’t know—just another singer born in California.

So, let me just say to you guys, Don’t be Thicke. Even though Robin Thicke isn’t taking the heat for the situation and some people are saying he won’t suffer any consequences for what happened, what he did was wrong. I may come across as a male chauvinist for saying this, but it is my belief that we guys have an even greater responsibility to take a stand and say, “This isn’t what we ought to be doing.” In the home and in churches, God has placed us guys in a place of leadership. That’s not to say that we get to decide what we want to do and then make everyone else do it. If we think that, we’ve misunderstood God’s concept of leadership. As men, we have a greater responsibility to learn the will of God, to do it, and to encourage others to do likewise.

Don’t be Thicke, guys. Don’t put a woman in a compromising position. Don’t go along with a woman who wants to put herself in a compromising position. Don’t encourage it. Take a stand and say, “No, this isn’t what we should be doing.” Encourage things that are pleasing to God instead.