Friday, November 5, 2010

Mistakes in Heaven

Do you think we’ll make mistakes in heaven? We know that in our glorified bodies we won’t sin anymore, but mistakes are different than sin. Here in this life, mistakes are a tool by which we learn. If we never made mistakes, we would do everything we do well, but there are things we would never attempt.

I don’t know of any Bible passage that says we won’t make mistakes, but I think some people assume that is the case. We don’t know much about how life will be in our glorified bodies, but we do know a little about some of the people who visited heaven and returned. Those people did make mistakes. One mistake was falling down to worship an angel. I don’t expect that any of us will make that mistake more than once, but angels are impressive creatures and it’s understandable why someone would make that mistake.

But let’s suppose we had no ability to make a mistake in our glorified bodies. If we don’t have complete knowledge, then that would make us nothing more than robots. If we have the ability to make choices and the reason we don’t make mistakes is because we know everything, then that would make us like God. I think we can go far enough to say that it would make us God. So while I believe we won’t sin in our glorified bodies, I think it is safe to say that we may make some mistakes due to a lack of knowledge. And just as we do here, I think we’ll learn from those mistakes. I’m sure we’ll handle those mistakes better than we do now, but they’ll still be there.