Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who God Chooses

One of the things in the Bible that’s hard to understand is the interplay between freewill and election. Some people put a lot of emphasis on freewill and others put emphasis on God’s election. The Bible seems to teach both and yet they seem like distant concepts.

The other day, I heard a concept that I’d never heard before. We often question why God would choose one person and not another, when none of us are worthy. It doesn’t seem fair. But one preacher stated that he had the idea that the only person God ever chose was Jesus.

I can’t say that I’ve thought through this completely, but it does seem to make sense. By that understanding, God isn’t looking at us and for some unknown reason picking us. Instead, God looks at the world and he sees a lot of sinners, but mixed in among those are some people that when he looks at them he sees Jesus. If you’re looking for cause and effect, God from before time began could look down though future history and see people who were covered by the blood of Jesus because they had repented and placed their faith in him. He chooses them, but only because he is choosing his son.