Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting Started

Writing a book gets easier as you go along. The hard part is getting started. I recently finished a book and as I neared the end, I couldn't keep myself away. I recently started writing another book and I haven't gotten past the first three thousand words. Christmas and work didn't help, but neither did spending last weekend doing all kinds of stuff other than writing. There are plenty of other things on the horizon that will keep me from writing as well.

I think, perhaps, that it is good to take a break from writing, from time to time. I don’t know about for everyone else, but I have to find my focus when I am writing a book. So, maybe the best thing is for a writer to give himself some time to be a normal person for a while—read a book, watch some television, spend some time with another hobby—then at a more appropriate time, take up writing again and go at it full force.

Question: What do you think? Do you take a break between writing projects? What do you do to get started again?