Monday, December 6, 2010

My Top Posts

It’s official, my top five posts for the past week, the past month and for all time are:

1. Review: WestBow Press

2. How to Describe Beauty

3. An Example Book Outline

4. The Meaning of the Cinderella Story

5. A Sample Synopsis

I tried to post that same list in a comment on Michael Hyatt’s blog the other day, but it didn’t take. I think it must have gone in his spam file or something. His blog doesn’t like me very much.

I think you can see the pattern. This blog is attracting aspiring writers more than it is attracting anyone else. Of course, that also means that this blog is a waste of time in terms of trying to sell books. I keep saying that I’m going to move this blog in the direction of attracting readers rather than authors, but the fact is that I don’t really know how. I tried Fiction Friday for a while. As you can see, none of those posts appear in the list above. They aren’t in the top ten either. In fact, the only post in the top ten that isn’t aimed at writers is How to Impress God. It is number 6.

Looking at the top search keywords, it appears that I’ve become the de facto independent expert on WestBow Press. Can you see the irony of that? I’ve never actually used WestBow Press to publish a book. They really ought to give me a free publishing package so I can do a comprehensive review of their service. I’ll have to say that the price is a little steep for blog fodder. But then, they don’t make money by giving away services either.

In any case, that’s my top five. I suppose I’ll keep writing about the same old stuff for now.