Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Watchout for the Potato Guy

As I was reading a bag of Lay’s chips the other day, I saw a phrase that they put in bold so it would stand out. Farm-grown potatoes. Really?

Sometimes I wonder about these marketing folks who write the copy on the products. Just where do they think they’re going to get potatoes if they aren’t farm grown? I can’t imagine where the other guys are getting their potatoes. You think Pringles is stealing potatoes out of someone’s garden or something? I wonder how many gardens that would take. Let’s see—if you have a couple of rows of potatoes in your backyard, you might get a couple of bushels. I’m not sure how many bushels Pringles processes in a day, but I’m pretty sure it’s a lot. If that’s what they’re doing, I bet they drive around in a Lay’s truck. If you see a Lay’s truck in your neighborhood being driving by a guy wearing a Pringles shirt, guard your potato patch.