Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Blurbs?

My characters have been so cooperative as guest bloggers that I thought I would ask them to write blurbs for my books. Yes, I jest, but it occurs to me that a blurb written by one of my characters is bound to be as useful as some of the blurbs I’ve read. Blurbs written by people I don’t know might help to influence me, but there really is no reason why it should, since I don’t know how my likes and dislikes compare to those of the blurber. If I do recognize the name and I end up disagreeing with that person, then I tend to avoid books written by that person as well. I suspect that many blurb writers hope that having their name on the back of other author’s books will help them sell books as well, so they have an incentive to recommend a book, even if they wouldn’t actually buy it. So the words of my characters aren’t really that much less believable and if they choose their words well, it might give potential readers better insight into the nature of the book.

Here are the blurbs some of my characters wrote:

Brianna Skyler, a news anchor says:
It has been a long time since I’ve read anything as hard hitting as For the Love of a Devil.

Kelly writes:
I’m happy to say that one of those grains of sand in How to Become a Bible Character is mine.

Beatrice Bubble says:
For the Love of a Devil is a love story at its very finest.

Kyle Brown writes:
I would give Searching for Mom three thumbs up if I had that many.

Neal stated:
I couldn’t put it down.

Wayne Hiller says,
I’m going to read this again.