Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Atheists and Fort Worth Buses

Atheists have purchased advertising in Fort Worth that will run during the month of December to say that they are “Good Without God.” It’s ironic that more will be said about God during the month of December by atheists than will be said by Christians as we run around trying to be Santa Claus. But that notwithstanding, I question what the DFW Coalition of Reason hopes to gain from this expense. No one is helped if they persuade people to reject God. I’ll agree that there are many people who do good things who are not believers but much more good is done for the cause of Christ.

When Christi ans tell people about Jesus, they do so with the belief that if people will trust him they will be saved in the life to come. But atheists make no claim that they believe their followers will have hope in the afterlife. Christians collect money and give to those in need. They provide programs for young people. They visit the nursing homes and hospitals. Christians lift our spirits through singing. Even if there were no God, those would be good things to do. But we don’t see many atheists doing that.

The atheists may hope that if they can persuade enough people that there is no God then they won’t have people making them feel guilty. Well, I’ve got news for them. They’re giving us too much credit. I can’t make them feel guilty. That is God. And if there isn’t a God, well that just means that they are making themselves feel guilty. So, if they are right then the problem is all in the ir heads. It seems to me that they need to either good see a pastor or a therapist.